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Your kidneys are extremely vital to your overall health. They're so vital that most people are born with two of them, just in case one becomes unusable. 

You probably haven't given much thought to caring for your kidneys, which are located in the back of your belly. However, these essential organs can benefit from some TLC, and fortunately, the things you can do to keep your kidneys healthy can also benefit your overall health.

Your kidneys are fist-sized organs placed on both sides of your spine near the bottom of your rib cage. They serve numerous purposes.

Most importantly, they remove waste, surplus water, and pollutants from your blood. These waste products are held in your bladder before being evacuated via urine. Furthermore, your kidneys control the pH, salt, and potassium levels in your system. They also create hormones that regulate hypertension and red blood cell formation.

Your kidneys are also in charge of activating a type of vitamin D that helps your body absorb calcium for bone development and muscular function.

Maintaining kidney function is critical to overall health and well-being. Maintaining the health of your kidneys allows your body to filter and remove waste as well as create hormones that assist your body in functioning properly.

Read here for some great tips on the wellness of your kidney health and some of the ways you can make sure you are taking the right steps to keep them healthy 


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